Blog Post #2!

I started making crossword puzzles for different publications about four years ago, and have found it to be a very entertaining (not to mention challenging!) way to make a little extra money in my spare time. Not that I have a lot of spare time anymore, what with all of the book folding, embroidery work, spending time with boyfriend/friends & family, etc… Yeah, I’ve definitely been slacking lately on the crossword front. Luckily, I seem to have retained most of my useless knowledge which is so helpful when constructing those wonderful puzzles that so many of us love to hate.

You’d probably be surprised at how much “hate mail” a cruciverbalist such as myself actually receives. Not that it’s really hate mail, per se. In my case, it’s more like occasional Facebook messages from frustrated friends who are currently trying to solve a puzzle, and are blaming me (and through me, the person who actually created the puzzle they’re working on) for their inability to do so. Of course, they’re usually half-joking anyway, but whatever… I can call it hate mail if I want to. :o) On the flip side of that though, I also have friends that will sometimes text me with a difficult clue that they just can’t figure out, and they actually appreciate my strange crossword puzzler’s mind.

That being said, let me get to the point of all of this crossword puzzle talk – crossword clues! I’ve been posting clues on Facebook for a few years now, and I’ve decided to start posting them on my website instead. There is a section on the website menu under ‘Pages’ where they will be located, and I will try to put new ones up every day… Okay, the key word there is try by the way. :o)

Good luck, happy solving, and may your nose never be conquered by a band of marauding sea pirates.